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Situated near Southampton we are a family run business offering friendly honest advice, prompt supply and a delivery service if required.  Our site at Frith Farm is between Wickham and Swanmore on Frith Lane close to the, A32, A3M, M27, M3, Alton, Bishops Waltham, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester.

Railway Sleepers are increasingly popular for use in landscaping projects, for example, gardens, construction sites, Golf courses, Equestrian Centres, Waste sites and car parks.  In creative landscaping they are often used for raised flower beds, earth retaining walls and other features to enhance the appearance of gardens and drives of new and older properties.

Stock and Pricing Guide

Tropical Hardwood Reclaimed Railway Sleepers
Approx. (mm) 2600 x 250 x 125 (Untreated Hardwood)
Grade A: 
Grade B: 
Grade C: 
£26.00 ea + VAT
£22.00 ea + VAT
£17.50 ea

Tropical Hardwood

European Hardwood Reclaimed Railway Sleepers  Grade A+:  £28.00 ea + VAT
Approx. (mm) 2600 x 250 x 150 (Creosoted/Hardwood) Grade A:  £24.00 ea + VAT
  Grade B:  £22.00 ea + VAT
  Grade c:  £19.00 ea + VAT

Oak Reclaimed Sleepers

American Red Oak Reclaimed Railway Sleepers Grade A:  £24.00 ea + VAT
Approx. (mm) 2600 x 230 x 180 (Creosoted/Hardwood)    

American Red Oak
Beech Reclaimed Railway Sleepers
Approx. (mm) 2600 x 250 x 150 (Creosoted/Hardwood)
Grade A: 
£22.00 ea + VAT

Beech Reclaimed

Conifer Rustic Reclaimed Railway Sleepers Grade A: £19.00 ea + VAT
Approx. (mm) 2600 x 250 x 150 (Tanalised or Creosoted) Grade B: £17.00 ea + VAT

Conifer Rustic

New Tanalised Brown Pine Sleepers    
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 240 x 120 (Softwood)   £20.00 ea + VAT
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100 (Softwood)   £16.00 ea + VAT
New Tanalised Brown Alder/Aspen/Birch Sleepers   £18.00 ea + VAT
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100 (Hardwood)    
New Tanalised Brown Pine
French Untreated Oak (natural colour) Sleepers
Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100 (Hardwood) 
Grade A:
£24.00 ea + VAT
French Untreated Oak


Delivery Charge: £20.00 - £50.00 + VAT (subject to distance & load)


Prices Negotiable on large orders and sleeper condition


Payment required in full by BACs, cash or cheque upon delivery (Credit & Debit cards not accepted)


Please contact us for further information, or to arrange for viewing and collection from our stock. A ‘Telehandler’ is available on site for loading.


Please note! Gloves must be worn when handling our sleepers, particularly when they are Creosoted or Tanalised


Please note:    

There are regulations regarding restrictions on where Creosote treated timber can be used.  Where contact with skin is likely i.e.: seating, interior use and children play areas Creosoted timber is not acceptable.

The prohibitions on usage, according to EC & EEC regulations are as follows:-

  • Inside buildings (whatever the purpose), in toys, in playgrounds and in garden furniture.

  • In garden situations where there is a risk of ‘frequent’ skin contact.  ‘Frequent’ is advised by the DTI to mean “habitual or constant”.

  • It is important to wear gloves when handling treated sleepers not only because of the treated surface but also to avoid skin damage.

Fairoak Sleepers trusts that this information is of assistance in your enjoying safe usage of our products and would like to make the following comments:

  • It is our understanding that you can grow produce, (veg etc.) inside a space contained by treated sleepers but not on them and that they can be used for retaining slopes in say a garden or commercial environment.

  • Probably the main issue with reclaimed sleepers is not necessarily toxicity, since the more hazardous low molecular with contaminants and water soluble phenols will have long since dispersed, but the dirtiness of the entrained Bitumen.  Bitumen is potentially more of a problem with pressure treated Pine compared with Oak since Pine has a much more ‘open’ wood grain absorbing more Bitumen and therefore having a greater tendency to ‘bleed’ in warm weather.

  • Reclaimed Railway Sleepers are a natural product inevitably of considerable age and therefore one finds there is a variation of quality between loads.  We recommend viewing a potential consignment to be sure that you are happy with it. 

For Railway Sleepers in the Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London area please contact Mark Johnson of Sevenoaks Sleepers sevenoakssleepers@hotmail.com stocking one of the largest range of sleepers in the UK.


For a friendly, dependable and consistent service please contact:

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